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As a homeowner, Omar feels the pain of out-of-control appraisals and skyrocketing property taxes. On city council, Omar will fight to pass significant tax cuts and he will use his experience as a certified financial planner to cut waste and increase efficiency in city government to further lower our tax burden.



Our infrastructure and city services have not kept up with growth. failing to address citizen concerns about pedestrian visibility and speeding on residential streets. On council, Omar will prioritize smart investment into our roads to reduce congestion and improve safety in our neighborhoods.


Farmers Branch is growing but some areas are being left behind, in parts of District One communities are left without basic amenities like grocery stores or pharmacies. Omar will be a fierce advocate for our community, working to bring businesses and quality jobs to Farmers Branch that benefit our neighborhoods and improves our quality of life.



Keeping families safe should be the top priority of any government official but when Omar Roman raised a public safety concern to his council member he never heard back. Omar is running to ensure no Farmers Branch resident will ever be ignored again. As our city has grown, police and fire staffing has not kept pace, leading to slower responses, when seconds count we Omar will stand with our first responders and work to ensure our police and fire departments have the staffing and resources they need to cut response times and keep us safe.

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